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Reversing Denied Claims

When you use our system to reverse denied claims, you'll be able to put your focus back on patient well-being, where it belongs. Denied claims are a source of frustration for dentists because they introduce doubts from our patients as to whether our treatment was necessary. [Read More]

Healthcare Reform

We'll teach you about new dental coverages included in the Affordable Care Act and how you'll be able to claim additional benefits under medical plans. You may also want advice on how to file dental benefits through a medical insurer, and whether or not you need to join a medical plan's participating network. [Read More]

Using The ADA Codes

The ADA updates codes every year now, and the LPF Group will provide explanations of the changes, additions and deletions.  These updates are provided by an expert who has served on the code committee for the ADA for over a decade. Coding is essential to successful claims submissions. [Read More]

Cost of Living Increases for Dentists

Have you checked to make sure that the Dental consumer price index increases have been applied to your reimbursements from Delta Dental of Massachusetts as required? According to their filed methodology, DDMA must increase all reimbursements by the same percentage as the dental CPI. In the past they have increased reimbursements on some procedures and […]

CAMBRA codes coming in 2014

CAMBRA or CAries Management By Risk Assessment worked with the ADA Code Committee this year to develop risk assessment codes for dentists to be able to use starting January 2014. This is an exciting change for the code set and marks a new wave in coding that will support CAMBRA ideals and possibly open the […]